Snap Away with ’50 Six One’

It is important that businesses find the right social media platform and marketing strategy that works for them. For some, Facebook is a more effective platform, while others find Snapchat better.

Snapchat is one of the most popular social medias amongst young demographic users. For those who are unfamiliar, Snapchat it is a mobile multimedia application, that allows individuals to communicate through pictures, images and videos. New emerging businesses are utilising Snapchat as a way to engage customers, show them the ‘behind the scenes’ of the business and entice buyers to try their products.

An example, of this is a popular, dessert bar in Adelaide called 50 Six One. Snapchat has assisted them to promote their well known freak-shakes and creative desserts, that “wake up your sweet tooth senses”.


Example, of 50 Six One Freak Shakes posted on Snapchat

50 Six One has a Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat account all showing their insanely, creative food. They rely on social media as ‘word of mouth’ and discussion point. Essentially, this has helped generate a craze for their food.

So, what do 50 Six One ‘snap’ about!? Well, mainly their freak-shakes which consist of chocolates, lollies, donuts and/or fruits. As well as, showcasing other appetising food (like, ice cream, small desserts and breakfast bowls), the process of making their freak shakes, the café environment and what’s happening around Adelaide.


561 freak.jpg

50 Six One Snapchat video: putting the final touches on their Freak Shake



donut .jpg

Example of 50 Six One’s Snapchat post and their donut desserts 


A disadvantage of Snapchat is the photos and images are only visible for 24 hours. So, if viewers miss it, they miss it! Thus, businesses may have to post everyday to maintain exposure and attain loyal followers. Another issue, is not many Snapchat users follow businesses and companies on the actual platform, although the facility is available.

Nevertheless, most of their exposure comes from customers documenting their experience. For example, when viewers see their friends on Snapchat posting desserts from 50 Six One it instantly markets their goods. A big impression can be created from the food. Viewers are curious and influenced by the big impression created by the food portrayed. It also creates product and business awareness. even, if you haven’t purchased from the store.

Snapchat users have the ability to use filters on their pictures that show locations, words and images. Below is a public tagged post showing the location ‘Hyde Park’ and stating the appetising pizza is an incredible 1 meter long! The filters create a personal and fun, interactive post.


snap pizza.jpg

A public Snapchat post with inserted filters

Snapchat has its positives and negatives however, 50 Six One has proven that it is beneficial for their business. It has found the right recipe to its success and continuous to strive because of this.


To see more delicious, artistic food follow 50 Six One on






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‘Get Completely Croissanted’

Social media has great power to push content and reach customers from every corner. The right promotion and engaging posts has the potential to create a craze. Therefore, once a business is a well known, promoting the new product or deal is easily rolled out through social media.

The Coffee Club is a reputable café chain originally started in Brisbane. Today, the franchise has more than 400 stores around Australia and the world, serving high quality coffee and infamous café style food. Alongside, traditional marketing like, television advertisements and print they are active on social media Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Currently, The Coffee Club is marketing their ‘get completely croissanted’ promotion on social media. Here, they are advertising their limited edition croissants; four savoury and one dessert croissant.

As promoted on Facebook, the business has done various interactive posts. For example, the audience could use the react button (like, heart, laughing or gasping emoji) to choose which croissant they would prefer. This is a way to get the viewers engaged and potentially determine the popularity among the market.

20638033_1676555759029918_1594516093782134666_nThe Coffee Club Facebook and the reaction buttons 

The Coffee Club has posted entertaining posts like, ‘expectation vs reality’ posts. Comparing their bright, colourful, healthy croissant with a plain, ordinary croissants. Thus, giving the perception that their food is better than the plain. old expectation.

20799139_1678534385498722_2760876153386111663_nThe Coffee Club Facebook promotion 

More recently, the business has used a meme to convey their new product (below) and captioning “Don’t worry, take all the time you need to recover after one of our mouthwatering Loaded Croissants. We think this is how every afternoon should be spent” .

20621253_1712032778815549_5209248771982859776_nThe Coffee Club Facebook and posts 

On Instagram, they haven’t been as creative with their posts. Only, describing their heart-warming, fresh, croissants on printed ads. Nevertheless, the post shows appetising, vibrant, luscious croissant just waiting to be consumed.

Image may contain: food and textThe Coffee Club Instagram and print advertisement 

They have also used hashtags to promote their new menu like #wherewillimeetyou #completelycroissanted as well as, use generic hashtags like #food #croissant #adelaidecafe . This helps the concept trend on social media and increase exposure.

Overall, The Coffee Club is effectively using social media to create product awareness and make customers interested using links, hashtags, bright images, humour, and new trend Emojis.



The Coffee Club Australia 




‘The Seller Door’ Opening the Door to Social Media


In this new technological age, word of mouth has taken a new form – called social media-. Social media has become more prevalent than television or newspaper advertisements. Now social media is escalating this form of marketing through various platforms like Facebook and Instagram.  An example of this is a less than 9 month old local business, The Seller Door.

The Seller Door, is located in Brighton, South Australia it is part café and part produce store. Their aim is to support local producers that, don’t quite fit in the mainstream supermarket range. This unique point of difference is what the award, winning company is all the rave about!! The Seller Door has invested in a Facebook page, Instagram account, website and email. All these social medias are helping the business gain more exposure and share their passion for quality, healthy, trendy food.

For The Seller Door, Facebook is a great way to provide their business information to their customers and potential customers. Through this they promote events, exhibit new products, food menus and even advertise job vacancies.  The page is setup to read the buyer’s positive reviews first. This reflects highly as, people immediately have an idea of the status and quality of the food. The page has more than 2000 likes, and receives between 5 likes to 30 likes per post. On the other hand, their Instagram account has more than 3000 followers and receives over 100 likes on one post.  Most of their posts reflect pretty, bright images of their food display, business activities and even of the nearby by beach scenery. This gets the viewer’s attention and actively captures the business atmosphere.

When comparing, the same post (below), Facebook only received 17 likes whereas, Instagram received 148 likes!  The business also has extra followers on Instagram. Instagram is visually more appealing and attracts food lovers from around the globe.  Viewers are attracted to Instagram’s easy layout, whereas Facebook is about, getting and sharing information. Looking at their website, they have incorporated their Instagram posts in their gallery. The website has the advantage of systematically layering information like, food menus, contacts and blogs. Therefore, The Seller Door using Multi-channelling social media, covers a wider audience.

sellerdoor-fb.jpgThe Seller Door Facebook page

vs sd-insta.jpgThe Seller Door Instagram page

The Seller Door is actively posting on their social media accounts. You will notice that, the business mainly shares other people’s posts who may have visited the café or because their products are featured in the store. This is a popular technique by businesses using social media. Most of the time, the original posters  like the post or the page and in return their friends will see and like it, and this has a chain effect.

Above technique also plays psychology on the viewers, it encourages viewers to write positive feeds and take attractive photos. This then becomes a catch-on within their friend circles, hoping to be featured in trendy spot too. All these social media activity only benefits The Seller Door business.

Further, the number of followers and likes are impressive but, the business must determine how many are spectators and how many are actual customers? Are these viewers likely to visit the store because they saw the post? These are the things any business needs to evaluate

The social media marketing leads us to believe that The Seller Door is successful and is the perfect place for their niche products and trendy, healthy food.



For more information about The Seller Door check out their Facebook and Instagram. 







Social Media and Food Trends

You would have heard of chia seeds, kale or matcha tea by now. Often food trends are created ‘overnight’ because of social media. Our obsession with food photography has altered the way we look at food. Which means more people are going to the extent of photo editing and enhancing, inserting filters and designing ‘pretty’ plate presentations.

All of a sudden you see acai smoothie bowls on your Instagram feed or friends drinking bubble tea on Snapchat. Such posts on social media, creates food envy and competition between one another. Social media bombards us with bright, colourful images of delicious and mouth watering food, we can almost touch and taste!

With a quick search of ‘smoothies’ you will get thousands of pictures, recipes and information. UK blogger on her Instagram posted a Butterfly pea flower smoothie bowl using various ‘superfoods’. The picture below shows a striking blue smoothie with inviting, organic fruits, seeds and herbs.  To capture the viewer’s attention, the post further supplies a simple and easy recipe.

smoothe bowl

Additionally, some bloggers provide a step – by – step food videos on Facebook and YouTube. This further engages and motivates it’s followers. In the process, other bloggers imitate the action. The easy access to social media constantly exposes people to various information and images. Therefore, the continuous liking, sharing and following amplifies a small idea or concept into new a trend. Foods that were once used in a certain cultures only, has gained greater exposure through social media. For example, turmeric has managed to gain the superfood status and is now used in unlimited ways from cakes, lattes to capsules.