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It is important the content of the blog is clear, interesting and adds value to the reader. Considering the blog’s focus was social media, I hunted for a topic that was trendy and popular with social media. I believe food was a perfect example of this. Social media has made us more visual individuals and the mere sight of food stimulates our appetite (Kugel 2017). Food is an interesting and very relevant topic because, of the strong connection people can related to. My first blog ‘Social Media and Food Trends’, discussed the food trends. From sharing food recipes to posting a picture of your meal, social media has created a desire for people to post attractive food. Now, businesses and restaurants are feeling the pressure to have “Instagrammable” food that customers can take a picture or confidently give positive feedback.
I critically analysed businesses and their social media accounts. I looked at how they used social media, what marketing method and whether it was effective. I utilised information attained from lectures, tutorials and readings into my blogs to have quality and informative posts. I believe the blog adds value to the reader by, helping them understand how businesses use social media. It could inspire other businesses, on how to set their social media accounts. On the other side, most of the time followers don’t realise, how the business is influencing them or promoting business goods. I believe my posts were well structured and well-presented that successfully portrayed the intended message













Thank you all for supporting my blog and I hope you have found the content interesting!


The Top Social Media Marketing Tips!

Throughout the weeks I have discussed various businesses in the food industry and how they use social media as a promotional tool. Now, I would like to present a few tips how to improve your social media marketing.

Below are WordPress blogs that provide social media marketing tips.








These sites are extremely helpful and provide great advice that any business can utilise. Happy Reading!



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‘Nutrition Republic’ Nourishing Social Media

Nutrition Republic is a proud, South Australian owned cafe, selling healthy, creative, organic foods.  Located in three separate locations around Adelaide, all their foods are plant based, and free from dairy, sugar and gluten. Started in 2013, the business has created a large buzz and demand for their goods and services from social media. They have more than 30, 000 Instagram followers and more than 13,000 Facebook followers. Most of their posts receive over 100 likes and constant positive comments.

Just looking at their Facebook and Instagram, there is a of raw, rustic and organic feel. They post pictures of happy people, trend setters and hipster, bright food.


The image above, is a repost that can be viewed on both Facebook and Instagram. The picture of the smoothie bowls with drinks and a customer taking a photo of their food, perceives that the food is photogenic and appealing that you have to take photos of it. Throughout, their social media you can tell the owners have a huge passion and care about healthy, vegan foods. Attempting to make vegan foods fun and exciting, they try to replicate this perception on their social media. The post received 405 likes and multiple comments. They have added hashtags, like #smoothiebowls and #plantbased which increases exposure and visibility of the post(s). Also the chose tags shows that the business is into the latest food trends.

Additionally, the business promotes the use of their hashtag #nutritionrepublic . Hereby, the business can be tagged and create its own ‘buzz’. Furthermore, can feature those posts in Instagram or Facebook.


Nutrition Republic promote upcoming activities. For example, recently they opened a new store at the Flinders University Campus. They used this opportunity to heavily promote and increase awareness of the business through social media. Therefore, creating ‘buzz’. The post received over 1800 likes! That is impressive!! The post provides additional information like, opening hours and even tags the location of Flinders University. Followers can instantly find out where the store is without getting out of the Instagram application.


flinders 2

Vegan foods are the latest trend in food and this is proven through Nutrition Republic’s large following and likes on social media accounts. Their posts are consistent and follow with their theme of nature and health. With the number tags and reposts it doesn’t seem like the business will be slowing down anytime soon.



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Domino’s and Twitter

Domino’s Pizza is a popular, American pizza restaurant chain. Like many other businesses, Domino’s utilises social media to promote and get social media users talking about their service. Domino’s Pizza is present of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and Instagram. It also, has a website and mobile app where consumers can order pizza and get delivered with tracking, to their desired location.

Dominos is known for embracing technology, from delivery cars, delivery robots and even, introducing drones to deliver your fresh, warm pizza.drone

As seen above, is a Twitter post of a drone delivering a pizza. This not only, creates a talking point on Twitter and other social media sites but, is an effective way to communicate new and exciting technological advancements.

However, Twitter is not only a communication media, it is also about engaging followers. For example, Domino’s Pizza using Twitter polls to ask about what they should add to their menu.

dominos polls

Adding the polls allow Domino’s to determine where they sit and if they need to make changes to their menu. Asking the public, Domino’s know what the consumers think and how they can satisfy any new needs. However, you need people actively engaging in the polls. Which means you need loyal and social followers who are willing to give their opinions.

The main aspect of Twitter is answering customer queries and solving problems. This can work two ways. Either, positive tweets describing how much they loved their Domino’s pizza or the great customer service. On the other hand, there are complaints and issues circling on Twitter. This can perceive a negative perception for Domino’s. Therefore, suggests alternative solutions and personally reply to these messages.


In comparison, to the official Domino’s Pizza account, the Australian Domino’s Pizza Twitter account is not as active and only posts every few months. Followers may be perceived this annoying and that they are not bothered to reply to messages. However, in Australia, Facebook is more popular than Twitter. The official account mostly posts pizzas, stimulating emotion and persuading followers to make a purchase. Nevertheless, Domino’s Australia knows its audience and how to effectively target them on different social media platforms.


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Get eating with UberEATS

For years Uber has pushed itself as an alternative drivering and taxis service however, after finding large success, the business decided to extent its service to other transport related jobs for example, UberEats. UberEats is a food ordering and delivery platform, that will deliver food where ever you are. Similar to Uber, UberEats functions through a user friendly, mobile application.  Apps have the benefit, of being a convergence or “all in one” product. Therefore, everything and every function required is on the app. The aim on UberEats is anyone can order and choose food from a range of businesses and can deliver to the individuals location. However, there are many food ordering platform alternatives for example, Menulog and  it is difficult to cut through the clutter.

UberEats is also active on social media promoting their service and giving promotions on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to incentivise current and potential customers. They also encourage the use of #uberEATS , whereby UberEats customers use the hashtag in their posts. This is great way to get people talking or mentioning your brand creating more awareness.

UberEats uses their Facebook for ‘promos’, exclusive discounts and sharing other UberEats posts. Often UberEats will use sporting or television events as opportunities to give customers specials. Such as, using American Football game to offer $10 off first delivery. Displaying typical game day meals like, burgers and meats. They also embed that it is easy to order and fast delivery. These careful chosen words and images encourages buyers. However, if you do not follower UberEats on Facebook it may be difficult to communicate this.


UberEats Australia Instagram, shows pictures of businesses and the unique, attractive food you could recieve straight to your door. Example, recently posted a picture of intricate and sophisticated cakes by a local Sydney bakery. The caption also provides idea how to use UberEats or an occassion. The post recieved 235 likes and 5 comments. UberEats is aware of the target market and how to effectively influence them.


UberEats Twitter uses a variety of interactive posts such as, polls, moving images and appetising, mouthwatering pictures of food. Their Twitter is similar to Facebook and Instagram posts however, uses more videos and moving images. I believe UberEats Facebook and Instagram should incorporate more videos as, this more visually appealing for users.

UberEats has an effective and engaging social media however, not all customers follow UberEats on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Therefore, needs to find a way to communicate to them. I believe Facebook Ads would be a great way to reach untapped customers in different geographic or demographics. Even, sponsored advertisements where social media users ‘stumble’ across posts on their feeds may encourage users. The older population are more resistant to technology therefore, UberEats may have to find another marketing tactic for them.


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Nutella for Breakfast!

The unmistakeable, delicious, chocolatey hazelnut spread, Nutella saved its brand image by challenging the old idea that Nutella can “go onto anything” to now,  a highly recommended and ‘healthy’ breakfast spread.

The much loved, Nutella has a strong social media presence with millions of followers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest.  The brand mostly shares Nutella involved recipes and appetising images of smooth, chocolatey Nutella.


Nutella inspired recipes on Pinterest

Through, social media Nutella aims to present the brand personality of family, breakfast and easy to use, to customers. An example of this is, on their Instagram, where they posted an image of Nutella on toast with peaches and blueberries. On the side of that, is toast, milk, other fresh fruit and of course, a jar of the infamous Nutella.  Strategically, their caption has the keywords ‘family’ and ‘breakfast’. Specifally targeting to a certain type of people such as, busy, rushing families or people looking for new, breakfast ideas. The post received over 20,000 likes and 80 comments. Most of the comments indicated positive reviews and temptation. Instagram is perfect for the brand to post bright, interesting images and videos of Nutella.


nutella family brekky

A Nutella Instagram post showing that it is a great breakfast substitute



Other than getting their core message across,  Nutella shares stimulating and fun videos of Nutella recipes. Example, recently on Facebook posted a moving step – by – step video of ‘Waffles with Banana and Nutella’. Videos are proven to be more engaging for social media audiences because, it captures their attention as it is something moving, compared to a still image. The video received more than 22,000 views, more than 500 likes, 28 shares and 70 comments. However, the page has more than 32 million likes/ followers. In comparison, to the post this can be perceived as ‘nothing’. Nevertheless, it is possible the post will be shared later on thus, increasing likes. Perhaps, Nutella will need to understand how to filter through the clutter and noise of competitors and distractions encountered by viewers.



Nutella showing a video how to make Waffles with banana and Nutella



Overall, Nutella has effectively yet, subtly used social media to portray its message that it is a family friendly and great breakfast spread. It not only uses interesting, mouth-watering, images but also, gripping videos of simple DIY recipes and Nutella based ideas.


For great Nutella recipe ideas or just your daily chocolate fix visit Nutella on:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Nutella/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nutella/?hl=en

Twitter: https://twitter.com/nutellaglobal?lang=en

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/NutellaGlobal


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Unicorn Magic and Starbucks

Most people around the world would have at least heard of the international coffee chain, Starbucks! Perhaps, from either friends, the media or more likely on social media!! Starbucks is on a variety of social media platforms like; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google +  and uses it to promote their current and upcoming products. However, mostly customers are the ones who utilise social media to express their thoughts and feelings of Starbucks drinks and foods.

Throughout their time on social media Starbucks have conducted various ‘stunts’ or ‘stunt foods’ to get people talking about their business. For example, Tweet a Coffee, their infamous Pumpkin Spiced Latte and more recently, their Unicorn Frappuccino.

In April 2017, they started the Unicorn Frappuccino and this caused both positive and negative reactions on social media. Some unhappy customers complained about the “sickly sweet taste” despite the “pretty” colour.

Related image


Related image

Twitter users expressing their thoughts on the drink


Surprisingly, Starbucks baristas went on social media to indicate they were against the Unicorn Frappuccino! For one worker, Braden Burden it was too much and expressed his feelings about making the ‘sweet and sour’ drink via a twitter video. Not long after,  the video caught attention on media outlets and re-shared multiple times on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  The teenager emphasised that he couldn’t keep up with the orders and dealing with outraged customers when they ran out of the drink.


Image result for starbucks barista rant youtube

Braden Burden viral video ranting about creating the Unicorn Frappuccino


However, some drinkers  went on social media to express that they believed the Frappuccino was ‘magical’ and were pleased with the drink.

Image result for unicorn frappuccino instagram post

unicorn flower

Social media users expressing their ‘love’ for the Frappuccino

Regardless of customers reaction, it was all free marketing and exposure for Starbuck’s new drink. Buyers were posting visually appealing pictures on Instagram and Facebook (like above). While, the negative reviews stimulated people to try the drink to see what all the fuss was about. The free media coverage and social media shares assisted to increase product awareness and show that they are not just a coffee shop!

Soon after other, “copycat” cafes saw the success and decided to join in the band wagon. They pushed the envelope and came up with other creative and trendy food ideas like, unicorn hot chocolate, milkshake, donuts, cake and even, toast!!

Social media has the power to let people express their thoughts and opinions. Starbucks cleverly used this opportunity to increase brand and product awareness. Not many businesses are capable of this nevertheless, it worked in their favour.




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